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Thursday, September 9, 2010


I went to a Chinese buffet today.

There was a tiled artificial pond in which several goldfish swam. They looked up at me, curious, as I approached. Here they are:

I've heard that goldfish have a memory of three seconds. I think that's just long enough to learn that you're trapped in a tile prison, in the middle of a restaurant in Southern California.

Here is a video. You can see the revelation, and their dawning horror, before both are promptly forgotten:

Two seconds of confusion followed by one second of terror, repeated for a lifetime.


  1. Those aren't for eating though... are they?

  2. Their terror and confusing is very relaxing.

  3. Two seconds of confusion followed by one second of terror sounds like the reaction of every woman I've ever had sex with.

  4. Chinese Buffet ...sounds like my gig...!

    im sure you could argue that the fish are part of the buffet...fresh sushi or something :-) Yuum !!

  5. Hey dude, I left you a challenge on my blog: Check it out!

  6. Why do all Chinese buffets have those? It's actually a little unsettling...especially if the number of fish drops between the time you got there and the time you leave. :^/