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Monday, September 13, 2010

Me Vs Nature

We've built cities not just to conquer nature, but to avoid it.

Nature, I think, is pretty happy with this arrangement.

I was hiking with a friend the other day when I saw this:

Squint hard, folks; that's a California Mountain King Snake you're looking at.

You are not looking at me holding it.

I am the one standing too far away to take a good picture.

I also stood too far away to take a good video. Listen to what a pussy I sound like:

A few thousand years ago we had no cell phones for taking video. We only had sticks. And we used those sticks to beat the snake to death and eat it.

We had the same policy for whatever we wanted to have sex with.

I think.

Those were the good old days.


  1. I want one of those sticks. I wouldn't use it for beating the snakes though.

  2. If the snake's not poisonous I'd be right up close with my macro lens. My husband, on the other hand, would be nowhere to be found.