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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Life Is Terrifying

I was at a gas station the other day.

It was fucking ridiculous.

Here's why:

Do you hear the elevator music? Yes, that's right...

People met. They decided: for someone to fuel their car more comfortably,  a certain ambiance was needed.

What can this mean?

Who makes these decisions?

The apparent meaningless of the gesture masks a deep hostility. Anyone who puts blasts elevator music at a gas station has a hatred for life.

Or a sense of humor.

But I'm betting on malice.

There's nothing funny about gasoline and beef jerky. A visit to a convenience store is a solemn affair. It should stay that way.


  1. Fortunately where I fill up they have an oldies rock station playing. Much better than the elevator music for sure.

  2. you never know when hookup could happen at a gas station. he's driving his douchey souped up honda. she's in her overly stickered bug. they spot eachother through the fumes. they hear the music. and it's magic.

    excuse me, I think I threw up a little.

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