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Saturday, September 4, 2010


Apparently this is an angel:

I am in no way intimidated.

I would not feel safe if this angel were guarding me.

It looks like it has brain damage. Note the eyes.

I wonder if it gets picked on. I got picked on.


  1. I would not want him/her as my guardian angel. I would be way too creeped out-- I'd take a dickless Alan Rickman before the trolly angel.

  2. Based on the angel's pupils, I think it has a concussion. Or it's drunk.

    Unrelated: "Drunken Angel" is an awesome song by Lucinda Williams.

  3. What a stunning angel. Bloated, yes. But stunning all the same.

  4. Yeah.. according to this angel's eyes, it seems as if it has a concussion. This guardian angel needs a guardian angel.