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Friday, August 27, 2010

Urban Legend #1

Halloween. A group of friends. A healthy dose of magic mushrooms. A car.

The friends are driving along, starting to peak, balking at the spectacle of everything. One of them notices a garden gnome.

Do you guys see that garden gnome?

They do.

What the fuck?

They stop the car to inspect the garden gnome. It talks. They get out of the car to talk to the garden gnome. It's incredibly sweet. They make friends. They invite the garden gnome to come with them and it does.

They return home. Stoned revelry ensues. They put the garden gnome in the closet to rest for the night and all go to bed.

They wake up. They're eating breakfast and one of them remembers.

Do you remember that garden gnome last night?

Indeed they do. They open the closet door, curious. There's a four-year-old girl inside. They're prosecuted for kidnapping.

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